Semi-Trailer Bridge Stalls

While an assessor for the City of Chicago is calculating damage to property, there is no room to carelessly drag a trailer from under a bridge. It takes planning, experience and collaboration with first responders to free the rig and proceed smoothly with paperwork.

If you are the driver, we understand the state of mind you are currently in. Please rest assured that we have helped many drivers in this type of situation before– we know the drill inside out.




Taxi Accidents

Northwest Towing & Recovery is capable of handling your fleet’s towing needs.

Our response time is one of, if not the fastest in the City of Chicago. In addition, we are the exclusive provider for one of the largest cab fleets in the Chicagoland Area.

Please call us, we would love to discuss our competitive advantage and seamless technology integration to move your vehicles off the road as fast as possible.